Food and Environmetal allergy Testing

Is Your Food And The Environment Making You Sick?

This test can help uncover the truth behind the symptoms.......

Food and Environmental allergy test is a simply blood test that is used to determine food allergy and environmental allergy  which could lead to inflammations within the body. Inflammation and chronic overstimulation of the immune system have been linked to symptoms such as:

Digestive disorders, Migraines, Obesity, Emotional Disorders, Chronic Fatigue, ADD, ADHD, Aching joints, Skin Disorders, Arthritis and many more

These symptoms could be a mere result of the foods that you are ingesting because some foods can cause inflammations and we may not even notice. This test all types of foods, herbs, and food chemicals including healthier foods such as fruit and vegetables. Many times people only believe that unhealthy foods cause inflammations but healthier foods can also cause negative reactions and inflammations as well. This is what makes the test special because it will helps determine if you are ingesting foods that are causing negative reactions within your body. Our goal is to help you uncover the truth behind your symptoms.

Food and Environmental allergy test and Cardiovascular Screenings Together?

We prefer to provide both test together because many times the foods that we are eating are causing inflammations throughout the body including within the arteries. By checking the arteries through the cardiovascular screenings we can determine if damage has been caused in the arteries. If there is damage or a progression of plaque build up in the arteries the allergy test can help uncover one of the primary sources of inflammation (our food) then the results can help decrease inflammation in the arteries.